Friday, February 1, 2013

Renovations Finally Starting

WE have been in our house for over 6 years and had up until recently had not done anything to the house. When we bought it, it was your standard "im a rental home" with walls needing paint, new but cheep carpet and lino throughout. The house really needed a facelift. recently Matt has found there is a handyman side to him after all and pulled out our old laundry ( our new laundry was converted to the corner of our deck) and he then went on to tile a new floor. The old laundry has been turned into a "study nook" for matt so I can reclaim back one of my bedrooms. I am happy to say that the study area has the computer in it and is just waiting for some shelves to be complete.

Unique little Man

I love this guy. He is such a strange and funny child and makes me laugh ( and scream! ) everyday. =
He definately has a unique way of dressing from towels on his head to complete weird outfits. then occasionally I am suprised with a "normal" outfit. I cant believe I only have him home for 1 more year before he goes to school

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Adelaide road trip part 3 - Melbourne

I always love going to Melbourne. I really miss not living there anymore so when we arrived in melbourne off the highway from Geelong I was very excited to see the city. Zack was too saying to me " look at all the shopping" ( big buildings). We stayed with Kelly in melbourne which was great. we definately miss not being around them, and it was great hanging out with them. Zack didnt remember auntie Kelly but he was So relaxed in there home and made himself at home very quickly. it was great watching him and Mia play together. Zack was SO facinated with Kelly stairs and spent a great deal of time playing on them
we didnt do a lot in melbourne. We drove around and had a look at our old house, and visited a few old favourite shops. And we went out for dinner with kelly and her lot and Andrew and Joanna ( no idea where it was though). It was actually a little sad leaving for the boat. we really didnt have enough time to hang with Kelly and the kids.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

adelaide road trip part 2 - the Great Ocean Road

On our way to Melbourne from Adelaide we drove part of the Great Ocean Road. I would have liked to do the whole thing but the kids were cranky and we just wanted to get to melbourne. WE did visit the 12 apostles and other rocks around that area which I just loved. They just looked amazing and much better then any picture can capture. I would definately love to go back there again without kids or when they are a little older and spend more time walking around

Friday, September 7, 2012

ADelaide Road trip part 1

A few weeks ago matt and I and the two little boys took a last minute trip to ADelaide to buy a new car. It was zacks first plane ride so he was really excited and he was really good for the first leg of the flight. but from melbourne to Adelaide he pretty much sat on my legs a cried.(wont be taking him again in a hurry!) I had never been to Adelaide so I was excited to see it. WE were only planning a few hours there after we had the car but I figured I could see a little. I think by the time we had picked up our new car I was pretty happy that i had seen enough of was much nicer in my imagination! However it was nice to see and the beach was lovely. We also got to visit haighs chocolate factory, unfortunately we did not buy enough chcocolate but we have learnt for next time!. we also got to have a quick visit with our sis inlaw Lisa and meet her beautiful little girl Isabelle and introduce Zack and sam to her as they had never met her before. It was great catching up as we hadnt seen her in about 5 years.unfortunately we were too busy catching up that i forgot to get a photo.
WE also had a quick drive by the Adelaide temple ( and ate our maccas in the carpark). before heading off in our new car to Mount Gambier where we were spending the night. Mount Gambier was pretty ordinary but we did love visiting the blue lake. I had never heard about it before until just before our trip but it was pretty cool.

My Grandpa

Back in Early June my Grandpa passed away. He had advanced dementia so while it was a sad day knowing he was no longer with us in any way , it was also nice to know he had been relieved from living in his dementia world. he No longer remembered us and that in itself was very hard to watch. Grandpas Funeral was a lovely day of catching up with family that I hadnt seen in a while...some a long time. especially all my Docking Cousins. He was So loved by his grandkids with all but 2 of his grandkids able to be there. It still doesnt seem real that he is no longer apart of this world. It was a lovely funeral ( as lovely as they can be) with much of the family taking part in both big and little ways.

Turning 3

Zack turned 3 back in April. It was the first birthday that he was really excited about. He didnt care about presents but he did care about his cake and going to higs breath ( which is something we do on each persons birthday in our family). Zack is obsessed with higs breath he is always asking to go and counting down until the next birthday. we didnt do a party but he had a great day at home and loved going to collect his cake from my mums sister who makes cakes for a living ( i didnt have it in me to make a cake this year). he chose Thomas and I was glad that she made it and not me. it looked fantastic and Zack was very pleased. He had an awesome time at Hogs breath being super excited the entire time. however after hogs breath we had both grandparents come up after for cake and he just crashed. Happy zack turned into grumpy zack , not even wanting to blow out his candles ( his big brothers had to help!). It was just too much for him! but he had a great day and he still talks about it 4 months later!